Schippers first Dutch woman to break 11-second 100 meter run

Dafne Schippers (Picture: Twitter/@Nuon)Dafne Schippers (Picture: Twitter/@Nuon)

For the first time in history a Dutch woman has broken the 11 second barrier in a 100 meter run. Dafne Schippers ran the 100 meters in 10.94 seconds in the FBK Games in Hengelo, thereby breaking the Dutch record of 11.03 seconds, NOS reports.

Jamile Samuel finished fourth with 11.25 seconds. This is well below the limit of 11.33 seconds for the World Championships in Peking.

Sifan Hassan also broke a national record in the 1 thousand meter run. Hassan ran the 1,000 meter in 2.34,69, breaking Ellen van Langen's 1993 record of 2.35,21.