Amsterdam-owned brothel may have a buyer

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has found a party that is interested in the premises of the brothel the municipality aims to open. The municipality announced in February that it wants to set up a brothel that is run by prostitutes themselves.

According to Het Parool, Van der Laan told the city council on Friday that the interested party is "fairly large" and would be "the best possible owner" for the properties.

Five buildings in the Red Light District has been designated for the prostitute-run brothel. The buildings can accommodate about 50 prostitutes. The buildings are currently owned by NV Stadsgoed, but Van der Laan said that he would prefer to sell the property to an interested market party. This party has now been found, although the deal is still pending.

It is not yet certain whether this project, called Eigen Raam, or Own Window in English, will actually go through. The municipality is currently conducting a "feasibility study".