Utrecht may use fences to stop Dom suicide jumpers

Utrecht is considering using fences to prevent people from committing suicide by jumping off the Dom tower. Until last year the municipality was strictly against ruining the facade of the historic tower by putting high fences on it, but decided to reconsider after a jumper hit a passerby on the ground.

According to AD, the municipality is currently testing two different types of fences - a black iron gate and a mesh fence. The building's welfare committee and the historic preservation will decide later this year whether one of these fences does not unduly affect the character of the tower.

A total of 4 people have jumped from the tower in the past 5 years. Up until the third death in 2012, the municipality of Utrecht did not find fences necessary. But decided to reconsider after the last jumper hit a passerby. The municipality ordered alderman Kees Geldof to investigate how suicide by jumping from the tower can be prevented.