Thousands in cash, chemicals seized in major drug bust

Amsterdam police
A police flex squad supporting crowd control in Amsterdam. Feb. 18, 2010Jos van ZettenFlickrCC-BY

The police seized 50 thousand liters of chemicals and tens of thousands of euros in cash during a major police action in the southern parts of the Netherlands on Tuesday. Two people were arrested.

The police searched locations in Roosendaal, Den Bommel, Weert, Oudenbosch and Sint Willebrord.  In Den Bommel the police found more than 50 thousand liters of raw materials used in the prodction of synthetic drugs. In Roosendaal the police seized more cans of chemicals, a stolen car and a truck full of goods related to cannabis cultivation. In Weert the police found a apaan-lab in a shed.

In as shed in Sint Willebrord the police found three large freezers containing barrels with chemicals and residues of the drug MDMA. In a nearby house the police seized 1.3 kilograms of MDMA and tens of thousands of euros. A 58 year old man and a 61 year old woman were arrested.

More than a hundred officers took part in this action, which forms part of the broader Taskforce Brabant-Zeeland approach to bring subversive crime to a halt. The subversion team is composed of members from the police, FIOD and tax authorities. The team works closely with the Public Prosecutor, municipalities, provinces, companies, the judiciary, special investigation units and members of the public.


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