UberPop drivers could cost Uber 1 mil. in fines

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate has increased the maximum penalty for taxi company Uber from 100 thousand euros to 1 million euros. Each time a UberPop driver is caught, Uber will receive a fine of 50 thousand euros, which could add up to a total of 1 million euros.

With this the Inspectorate wants to tighten the approach on illegal taxi service UberPop, RTL Nieuws reports. Tackling illegal taxi drivers, and UberPop in particular, is a priority for the Inspectorate.

In the last half of 2014 the Inspectorate caught 36 illegal taxi drivers, 5 of them were UberPop drivers. Illegal taxi drivers that are caught can receive a fine of 4,200 euros and a criminal record.

Earlier this month State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment announced that she plans to ease the rules for taxis in general, to make it easier for new entrepreneurs to enter the market. But UberPop remains illegal.


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