Child taken from Netherlands found in ISIS propaganda

A 4 year old boy from Hegelo has shown up in pictures wearing a camouflage suit and ISIS hat.  The boy's mother, 24 year old Hasna A., sent these pictures from Syria to former classmates in Hengelo.

Hasna left for Syria in March, taking little Noureddine with her. Along with the picture of the young boy, she also sent pictures of pistols and daggers and a message stating that she is in the ISIS area, the Telegraaf reported on Tuesday morning. She does not intend to return.

The newspaper spoke with Said, Hasna's father and Noureddine's grandfather. According to Said, it seems that the boy is being groomed for a future as an ISIS-fighter. He told the newspaper that Nourredine can not talk and uses flash cards to show what he wants. He also has serous behavioral disorders. Said has been in contact with his daughter via Skype. He says that Hasna wanted to show how happy she is with those pictures.

Hengelo Mayor Sander Schelberg is shocked by the pictures of the boy. He told the Telegraaf that this is exactly what was feared.