Video: Bench-clearing brawl mars end to football match

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Screen shot from the video (Picture: Youtube / screen shot)Screen shot from the video (Picture: Youtube / screen shot)

The players of SV Advendo had to run to take cover in the changing rooms on Sunday afternoon in Breda after winning the first title of the fourth class D amateur football league in a match against Barça. When the match ended, Barça supporters ran on to the pitch and began harassing SV Advendo players, according to BNDeStem.

"A hundred supporters of Barça ran onto the pitch and started a manhunt against everyone from SV Advendo. The referee had to flee. One of my players has a black eye and another has a lump behind his ear," SV Advendo coach,  Piet van Duuren told BNDeStem.

Barça player Hassan Lammou disagrees with the coach saying there were far fewer supporters involved. "I think there were seven," Lammou said.

It was the second such event involving a Barça team in six months. Players from Barça were accused in a December incident of knocking down a VVR footballer and kicking him repeatedly. The victim was hospitalized after the fight.

The board of Barça will take action against these troublemakers, they announced. The Board has already expelled two members this year for not complying with  club rules. Barça was on a probationary period since February, according to which the team will be withdrawn from the league if another violent incident occurs. The disciplinary board of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is likely to give its verdict on the case on Tuesday.

Lammou accused Advendo supporters for acting the same way against Barça. Coach van Duuren responded by saying that there were no Advendo supporters on the field, only Barça fans harassed players. Both parties agree that the brawl was caused by a dispute between the Barça goalkeeper and an Advendo player, who ran towards the goalie first thing after the final whistle. However, the Barça supporters intervened before the players got to each other.