Zebra foal born at Artis Zoo

Baby zebra born at Artis Zoo (Picture: Artis)Baby zebra born at Artis Zoo (Picture: Artis)

A healthy baby zebra was born into the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on Thursday. Both mother and foal are doing well, the zoo reports.

This foal is a half-brother to the foal that was born in January. The zookeepers are especially pleased with the birth of this zebra after two adult zebras died unexpectedly in April from colic.

Fortunately, both baby zebras are doing well. The oldest, also a colt, was already quite accustomed to solid food when his mother died in April. He has been adopted by the flock. The newest little colt can already been seen running around on the Savannah.

The Artis Zoo now has a total of 9 resident zebras.