Alkmaar politician resigns over budget deficit

Peter de Baat (Picture: Twitter/@hettyjanssen)Peter de Baat (Picture: Twitter/@hettyjanssen)

Alkmaar Alderman Peter de Baat resigned on Wednesday due to a 14.3 million euros deficit in the budget.

According to RTL Noord Holland, it involves  gap of 8.3 million euros in the 2014 financial statements and a structural, and therefore annual, deficit of 6 million euros in the budget. De Baat previously blamed his top officials for the deficit, stating that they created a financial mess. This led to the dismissal of Municipal Secretary Coen Aalders and the resignation of his deputy Jos Krieckaert.

There was already a vote of confidence against De Baat and several parties had requested an emergency debate. Before the debate started, De Baat announced his resignation as alderman of Alkmaar. "The board discussed the situation early April. Although the college very quickly took measures, including the appointment of an interim director of operation, I remain politically responsible. For that reason I'm stepping down. With a heavy heart", De Baat said.

RTL reports that the PvdA doesn't think that the situation should end with De Baat's resignation and the party wants to set up a commission of inquiry. 'No stone must be left unturned. This is not a small business accident."