Serbian boy, 5, missing near Limburg found dead in Germany

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A 5-year-boy that went missing Tuesday evening in the German border town of Straelen was found dead earlier today by German police. The boy, Filip, was found in a pond in Herongen, just across the border from Venlo where police in Limburg were also assisting in the search.

The cause of death was not revealed, and it is unknown how he wound up in the water. The pond is located near the refugee center where he lived with his family.

Filip came to Germany with his parents and siblings from Serbia a week ago. He did not speak any German and suffered from epilepsy. He was watching the work of a fire brigade during the storm with other kids. He disappeared as everyone returned home, according to the German police.

German police deployed about 100 employees in search of the boy. They were joined by volunteers from fire brigades. Limburg police were also assisting their German counterparts in search on the Dutch side of the border.