Twitter meme rips PVV over Texas Attack, Remembrance Day

Martin Bosma (Picture: Twitter/@Martinbosma_pvv). (Martin Bosma (Picture: Twitter/@Martinbosma_pvv))

PVV member Martin Bosma got an unexpected response to his Twitter post on Monday. His proclamation of support for Geert Wilders - - turned into a Twitter joke.

Bosma called on every Dutch person to choose a side: freedom or Islam. "On this May fourth every Dutchman must decide which side he's on. Freedom or Islam. " he tweeted.

The tweet soon became the subject of ridicule. With many a Dutch person trying to pick a side - between curry or ketchup, Star Wars or Star Trek, Windows or IOS (apple), peanut butter with nuts or without, Beavis or Butthead, among many, many more.