Liberation Day parties go on despite the weather

Liberation Day party in Groningen (Picture: Twitter/@BeijkMaurice). (Liberation Day party in Groningen (Picture: Twitter/@BeijkMaurice))

Despite the rainy weather, Prime Minister Mark Rutte lit the liberation fire in Vlissingen at 13:00 this afternoon, thereby giving the official go-ahead for all fourteen liberation parties in the Netherlands. 

Utrecht has also decided to power through the heavy rain and the Liberation Day party in the city started at 13:00 as scheduled. The organization decided not the adjust the schedule on the assumption that the rain will clear up quickly.

Other places have not been as brave. The parties in Assen and Almere, that were supposed to start at 12:00 p.m., have been rescheduled for later the afternoon, AD reports. The party in Zwolle will also only start later. The organizers of the party in Groningen has asked the public not to come to the festival grounds for the time being.

Mayor Rianne Donders temporarily halted the party in Roermond at 13:30 due to the predicted bad weather. This was done after a woman was injured at around 13:00 by a roof tile that was blown off by the wind. She was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

The bridge over the IJ in Amsterdam has been cancelled, for safety concerns due to the bad weather. As has the paratroopers scheduled to drop in Wageningen and the liberation concert scheduled to happen in on the Groote Markt in Oldenzaal.