Dutch resident Uschi Dorweiler killed in Nepal earthquake

Uschi Dorweiler, a naturopath believed killed after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. (Uschi Dorweiler, a naturopath believed killed after the 2015 Nepal earthquake)

A German-born resident of Kerkrade died from injuries suffered in the wake of the recent earthquake in Nepal. Uschi Dorweiler worked as a naturopath, and lived in the Limburg town for twenty years before she was killed while on holiday. She was 52 years old, reports the Limburgs Dagblad.

She is the first known Netherlands casualty resulting from the earthquake, its aftershocks and the resulting damage. Her family disclosed the news on Friday.

The Dorweiler family was hiking in the Langthang valley last week when the country was hit by a massive earthquake. Terrifyingly, the family found themselves buried under an avalanche of snow and stones in the immediate aftermath. Daughter Anna-Sophie, 16, was rescued with injuries, and brought back to the Netherlands. Her father is recovering from injuries in a Nepalese hospital and should return to the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Uschi Dorweiler was missing until Wednesday, four days after the earthquake struck. According to her son, Alex, it was when she was found that she had died of her injuries.

The victim is a national of Germany. Her son refused to provide further explanations to the media.

The death toll is currently estimated at around 6,000, though the government there says the number could easily rise to over 10,000. At least 200 Dutch people are still missing in Nepal. There were approximately 750 known Dutch citizens in Nepal when Saturday's earthquake began.