Train conductor abusers banned from stations

From May 1st, people who cause trouble on stations will be banned from the station and its accompanying facilities, such as platforms, stairs, tunnels and elevators. State Secretary Wilma Mansveld has rushed the implementation of this exclusion order to help counteract the recent violent incidents in public transport.

"With this legislative amendment it is possible for transporters to take action against trouble makers, including those not traveling on public transport. Think of drug dealers. This exclusion order should contribute to a pleasant stay at the stations and safe travel for passengers and staff." Mansveld said.

Transporters' special investigating officers may impose the travel restriction for a certain time on people who make trouble, whether they intended to make use of the public transport or not. The violation of the exclusion order is a criminal offence and violators could face a 2 months prison sentence or a fine of 4,050 euros.

This exclusion order is similar to the ban football stadiums can impose on hooligans who cause trouble in the stadium.