Trains took 250k to Amsterdam on King's Day

King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam
Boats parade down the inner city canals while revellers gather on the streets to celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam. Apr. 27, 2018Photo: Vlade-Mir / DepositPhotos

By 18:00 on Monday NS transported more than 250 thousand people to Amsterdam to celebrate King's Day. According to the railway company, this number is about the same as previous King's Days.

The festivities in Amsterdam went on until 20:00 on Monday night. According to RTL, the day went relatively quiet and peaceful, with few incidents. There was a fight and thrown glass on Nieuwendijk towards the end of the day and the street had to be swept clean. Amsterdam celebrated King's Day with flea markets and about 160 events.

There were between 20 thousand and 25 thousand people in Dordrecht to see the royal family. Both Mayor Arno Brok and the King himself were pleased with the festivities. "The tradition of Queen's Day continues, with a few new elements. It is truly a national holiday. The beautiful things you obviously do not change." King Willem Alexander told NOS. There were a total of 8 arrests in Dordrecht, including a confused man who claimed to be the king. Other arrests included minor offenses such as pick-pocketing, people not following police instructions and people trying to climb over the fence.

A spokesperson for Utrecht municipality told the newspaper that the festivities were "super", with few incidents. The Weerdsingel had to be closed for about twenty minutes on Sunday night because there were too many people. There were a total of 34 arrests in Utrecht, mostly due to fights and excessive drinking. About 150 people of the city works started the cleanup of the city center at 18:00 on Monday evening. They worked until 04:00 on Tuesday morning and will continue later. A spokesperson for the municipality expects to clean up about 100 tons of rubbish.

About 120 thousand people celebrated King's Day in Eindhoven. The municipality called it a successful party. At 21:30 on Monday night there had been 17 arrests for, among other things, drug deals and fights. Ambulance personnel transported 15 revelers to hospitals, including 6 related to alcohol and 4 drug cases. The train carried 30 thousand people to Eindhoven.

About 40 thousand people attended the 538Koningsdag festival in Breda. The rest of the city was also busy, a municipality spokesperson told NU. By Monday afternoon the day had been going without incident. "Nothing but fun."

A number of street vendors had to stop selling after being checked by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, RTL reports. About 370 inspections were carried out across the country, resulting in 12 fines of between 525 and 1050 euros and 103 written warnings. 34 vendors were not allowed to continue selling their food as it was not fit to eat, mostly due to problems with heating.