Amsterdam cat cafe opens today

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Amsterdam's first cat cafe opens today. Kopjes is located on Marco Polostraat in Amsterdam. The cafe has already received a lot of interest - more than 600 cat lovers have already made a reservation.

According to Het Parool, Kopjes is a true cat paradise. The cafe has seven resident cats, carefully selected based on their temperament to social interactions towards humans and other cats. They were adopted from two shelters in Amsterdam. Kopjes has an entrance fee of 3 euro for a two hour visit. This money will be used to keep the cats happy and healthy. Before entering the seating area, visitors are required to disinfect their hands with gel. Once inside, drinks are provided through a serving hatch from the bar. The cats themselves have a separate room to which they can retire. The litter boxes are also situated in this room, keeping the cafe looking clean and smelling fresh. Owner Lenny Popelier (31) got the idea for the cat cafe when visiting Japan with her boyfriend in October last year, Het Parool reports. "It stayed with fantasies then, there were no concrete plans yet. Once home I really wanted to set it up. I heard that a woman in London wanted to start a cat cafe through crowdfunding, so I decided to do the same." she told the newspaper. Reservations can be made online on Kopjes' website.