Only known color film footage of Liberation Day discovered

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Dutch film museum EYE discovered previously-unknown color footage immediately surrounding Liberation Day, 1945. The film "How we saw the Netherlands" was shot by Alex Roosdorp and his wife Marie Roosdorp - van den Berg, and depicts ravaged towns, destroyed infrastructure and flooded plains after the Second World War, EYE reveals on their website.  Though much of the footage is of the surroundings around Deventer, it also shows the war-ravaged aftermath from Arnhem, Walcheren, de Wieringermeer and Scheveningen. Presenting the post-war life in the Netherlands, the film is the only color film known from the time picturing the struggle following the war. "How we saw the Netherlands" will be screened at the EYE in Amsterdam Noord on May 3 at 7:30 p.m. National Military Museum curator Dirk Staat will provide a live commentary of the film.