Univ. Amsterdam protest damage estimated €460,000

Banners hanging in the Maagdenhuis (Picture: Twitter/@annliffey). (Banners hanging in the Maagdenhuis (Picture: Twitter/@annliffey))

The occupation of the Maagdenhuis will cost the University of Amsterdam an estimated 460 thousand euros, according to the first assessment of the Facility Services, Folia reports. 

"This is a realistic estimate. I think the actual cost will not be far off." said Harlod Swartjes, director of Facility Services. According to Swartjes, this estimate includes expenditure for additional security, cleaning, checking and restarting mechanical equipment such as elevators, construction and painting work, repair of locks, additional service hours of various department, the loss of revenue from the vending machines and catering, relocating to temporary workplace, the replacement of computers and other IT and the replacement of furniture.

By far the most expensive expenditure is the extra security costs that the UvA had to make. Three or four extra security guards were needed for each of the 45 occupation days, costing the university about 230 thousand euros.

It is still unclear how much of these costs will be covered by the insurance.