Univ. Amsterdam professors throw support behind Board after eviction

Maagdenhuis demonstration
Demonstration in the Spui as police remove occupiers from the Maagdenhuis. April 11, 2015 (photo: OphidianCorpse / Twitter)Demonstration in the Spui as police remove occupiers from the Maagdenhuis. April 11, 2015 (photo: OphidianCorpse / Twitter)

A group of University of Amsterdam professors have started an online petition to show support for the university's executive board after the eviction of the Maagdenhuis on Saturday.

"Herewith we, the undersigned employees of the UvA and HvA, explicitly state our disagreement with the view of a group  of our colleagues who feel that the Board of the UvA/HvA should esign and with the reasoning they give for this view." the petition reads. The professors advise the board to stay at their posts and continue in the direction they have chosen.

The professors can't see any reason in the eviction of the Maagdenhuis to now start withholding support from the Board. They are concerned about the UvA's financial future, but does not seee any evidence that the problems are due to failing policies of the Board. According to them, the UvA's current problems regarding finance and excessive regulation also trouble other universities and are "predominantly the result of national political and administrative choices".

According to the professors, this Board consists only of professors and former professors. "We view this as a very positive point, and reason to trust that they understand extremely well where the interests of research and education lie." They are also unhappy with the fact that a group like De Nieuwe Universiteit holds the opinions of many employees and students hostage "in a loud and undemocratic manner".

"Again, we are proud of our splendid UvA and HvA, convinced that research and education are conducted and enjoyed here at top European level, and strongly disagree with the extremely negative and one-sided manner in which our colleagues cause our institution to be in the news"

The full petition can be read and signed here.