300 tips on BUK Missile firing, MH17 investigators return to crash site

Victims from flight MH17 are transported along a Dutch highway (photo: Ministerie van Defensie). (Victims from flight MH17 are transported along a Dutch highway (photo: Ministerie van Defensie))

Roughly 300 different people contacted the public prosecutor's office claiming to have information about the perpetrators who brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 last year, RTL Nieuws reported. The flight, which left Amsterdam for Kuala Lumpur, was presumably brought down by a Russian made surface-to-air BUK missile, leading the prosecutor's office to appeal to the public in multiple languages for witness testimony.

The investigation into the crash will continue "as fast as possible" this week with a visit to portions of the debris field previously inaccessible because the fighting in Ukraine and a long, cold winter, the government said in statements on Tuesday and last week. They are looking to access the northwestern portion of the crash site, and expect to find more human remains and parts of the aircraft.

Experts from the Ministry of Defense and the police department met with colleagues from Australia and Malaysia in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Tuesday. Other investigators will join them on Wednesday.

All remains and evidence will be transported back to the Netherlands with ceremonies taking place to honour the dead. There were 298 people who lost their lives on July 17 when the plane fell from the sky, half of whom were Dutch citizens.

A memorial will be held to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the tragedy.