Motorcycle gang standoff hits Hoorn city center

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The mayor of laid-back Hoorn has said that people in his town felt intimidated on Sunday when biker clubs Satudarah and Hells Angels arrived in town and started what appeared a loud game of dare on a town square.

Bikers of the two rival clubs stood dead straight across from each other on the square, revved up their engines and then rode off. There was no physical confrontation. Telegraaf reported that the atmosphere at the terraces was tense while this was taking place.

Mayor Onno Van Veldhuizen said in a statement that police would investigate the presence of the two clubs in Hoorn. Reports are that Satudarah is intending to open a branch in the town, which has peeved Hell’s Angels. “This matter has the attention of local and national authorities,” said Van Veldhuizen.

A Satudarah member has meanwhile taken to twitter to argue that the commotion is an exaggeration of what took place in Hoorn on Sunday. “Guys went for a ride yesterday and when they get back home they read in the papers that Hoorn escaped a bike war? Yeah well …” tweeted Xanterra Manuhutu, KapikaneSMC.