Held hostage for years, Sjaak Rijke returns home

Sjaak Rijke (Picture: Twitter/@KvanOosterom)Sjaak Rijke (Picture: Twitter/@KvanOosterom)

Sjaak Rijke is finally back home in Woerden, RTV Utrecht reports based on reliable sources in Woerden.

Rijke was rescued by French soldiers last week after spending almost 3.5 years as a hostage of an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group in Mali. The last few days Rijke and his wife were together at a secret location.

In a statement released through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week, Rijke said that he is overjoyed to be free and can not wait to be reunited with his friends and family. He also stated that he is not up for a big welcome home party just yet. He first wants some peace and quiet and time to recover.