Double life: Dutch Central Bank official's life as high-priced escort

A Dutch Central Bank (DNB) official was discovered living a double life as an exclusive sadomasochistic mistress for six years, Quote reveals. The bank cracked the whip and fired her after eight years of employment last October.

The revelation is considered controversial, since she works in bank's trust monitoring division, and the DNB holds very high integrity demands on people wanting to reach the top of financial word, Quote states. In 2011 alone, the bank screened 5469 job applicants for job suitability in the industry, of which 614 were rejected straight away. Unreliability was one of the biggest reasons for cutting 36 percent of the applicants intending to work in the DNB trust sector. However, the six-year career as a high-priced escort of the bank official went unnoticed by the DNB's own regulator. Working under the pseudonym "Conchita van der Waal," she offers a wide variety of sexual and fetish services beginning at 450 euros. She could be seen on a website posing with a red whip in her mouth, though was reportedly willing to instead dress up and perform as an SS-Commander. Amongst the services offered were "cock and ball torture" and "snowballing," according to the magazine. The site advertising her services was taken down after the discovery. DNB is now researching ways to improve employee screenings, Quote writes.