Dozens of Germans arrested in brawl with Dutch police

Sint Jacobus church in Renesse, Zeeland. July 4, 2012. (photo: Rabanus Flavus / Wikimedia)Sint Jacobus church in Renesse, Zeeland. July 4, 2012. (photo: Rabanus Flavus / Wikimedia)

Two officers were hurt and four others assaulted when they tried to get a wild bachelor party under control, police said. A group of 75 Germans were detained, with police formally arresting 14 for public violence in the seaside hamlet Renesse, Zeeland.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, when the visiting bachelor party left a bar and headed back to their bus. The bachelor party argued with a group of people on the street, and the lot then attacked responding police, authorities said.

“One officer was hit in the head with a beer stein, and another officer received a serious concussion. Both were taken to the hospital,” the police report stated.

Bystanders caught much of the incident on video, police said. They are asking anyone with video or still images to contact them immediately. Witnesses said many of the revellers are supporters of German football club Schalke, and all were wearing blue shirts, according to Omroep Zeeland.

With the help of bouncers from nearby bars, all 75 were loaded onto their bus. Police escorted the bus to the Mijkenbroek jail complex in Breda, about 90 kilometers away. Once there, officers identified 13 suspects, and uncertainly arrested a 14th who was possibly involved in the fight.

The remaining 61 were released and rode their bus back to Germany. Police later said they all came from the Gelsenkirchen area in North Rhine-Westphalia.