Sister of Anne Frank helper likely betrayed Frank family: book

Anne Frank 1929-1945 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)Anne Frank 1929-1945 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

One of Bep Voskuijl sisters may have been the one to betray the location of Het Achterhuis, the safe house in in which Anne Frank and her family were hiding before ending up in the concentration camps, to the Nazis in 1944. Bep Voskuijl was one of the people who helped hide the Frank family.

This is according to a biography about Bep Voskuijl (1919 - 1983) written by Flemish journalist Jeroen de Bruyn and Bep's youngest son Joop van Wijk, Elsevier reports. The biography appears today. For the biography the authors spoke to several people who were involved, including tow witnesses who came forward with new information - Diny Voskuijl, one of Bep's other sisters, and Bertus Hulsman, Bep's fiance during the war.

The authors discovered that Bep's younger sister Nelly Voskuijl (1923 - 2001) collaborated with the Nazis when she was between the ages of 19 and 23 years. According to the authors, this puts her on the long list of suspects who may have betrayed the location of Het Achterhuis. The authors told the newspaper that they have other evidence that also links Nelly to the betrayal. She probably suspected her older sister Bep and their father Johan Voskuijl were protecting Jews. At one point she said: "Just go to your Jews!" Karl Silberbauer, the Austrian SS man who led the arrest after the betrayal of Het Achterhuis, also stated that the tipster had "the voice of a young woman".

Officially only Bep and her father knew about the hiding place. Johan Voskuijl made the bookcase that hid the entrance of to the safe house. Bep worked as a clerk at one of Otto Frank's business and brought food and clothing to the hiding people.