First Dutch cat cafe opens in Amsterdam this month

Kopjes - Netherlands' first cat cafe (Picture: Facebook/Kattencafe Kopjes)Kopjes - Netherlands' first cat cafe (Picture: Facebook/Kattencafe Kopjes)

The Netherlands' first cat cafe, Kopjes, will open its doors on April 22nd. The cafe is located on Marco Polostraat in Amsterdam.

The cafe will have 8 resident cats that will keep visitors company as they enjoy a coffee or cappuccino. Kopjes can accommodate a maximum of 20 visitors at a time. All visitors have to make a reservation on the cafe's website. Sessions last two hours. There is an entrance fee of 3 euro per person, which will be used to keep the cats healthy and happy.

The cafe's cats come from Stichting Dierenleed, an asylum in Amsterdam Noord, and the Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam. Cats can not be adopted from the cafe as a constant rotation of cats leaving and new cats coming in will create a stressful environment for the cats, which could lead to health problems. Kopjes will however help create awareness for adoption.