Social housing tenants on Airbnb can expect fines, lawsuits

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Rappange Makelaardij, a major property manager in Amsterdam, wants to fine people who use sites like Airbnb to rent their rented homes to tourists, De Telegraaf reports.

According to the newspaper, the property manager wants to both evict the tenants who abuse their homes like this and claim back the money earned through tourism, which can involve amounts between 30 thousand and 80 thousand euros.

"Many Amsterdammers exploit their social housing for thousands of euros per month through Airbnb," Bart Postema of Rappange Makelaardij told the newspaper. "If your rent is 500 euros per month and tourists pay you 125 euros per night, the math is easy."

Social housing being rented out to tourists is one of the last thing a home owner wants due to all the consequences involved. "elated British youth break the stucco of your staircase with their trolley cases. They smoke weed in your house because they think everyone in Amsterdam does it and they cause noise disturbances."