Hema CEO resigns after 12 up-and-down years

Ronald van Zetten, CEO of Dutch department store Hema, is resigning after 12 years, Trouw reports. His resignation takes effect on April 13th, the company announced on Wednesday.

Van Zetten will remain with Hema as a consultant. In a statement he said that he is leaving at a time that "our company is on track after a difficult year of transition". According to Van Zetten, Hema is making more sales and the transactions in the stores are increasing.

Hema had good years and bad years under Van Zetten's leadership. The last few years were hard on Hema, with profits dropping in 2012 and 2013, leading to some layoffs and reorganization. In September last year Van Zetten presented the Hema make over, which now focuses more on convenience, accelerated item velocity and "happy makers" - inexpensive gifts of good quality.

Van Zetten will be succeeded by Tjeerd Jegen, who until recently was the director of Australian Supermarkets and Petrol of Woolworths Australia.