MH17: Dutch prosecutor wants witnesses to BUK missile firing

The Public Prosecutor has called on witnesses in eastern Ukraine who may have seen anything involving a BUK missile in the days before and after the MH17 crash on July 17th last year.

This is for one of the several scenarios that the investigation team ins considering. This scenario assumes that Malaysia airlines flight MH17 was shot down from eastern Ukraine at 16:20 on July 17th. The investigation team is looking for witnesses who can give more information about the transport, crew and firing of a BUK missile in the Donbass region in the days before and after the crash.

The call for witnesses was spread online today on the websites and social media channels of police and judicial authorities, as well as on news sites and radio and TV stations. The call is made in a Russian language video with English subtitles, which shows images of a BUK missile transport in eastern Ukraine as well as recorded tapped phone calls between separatists.

There was already a general appeal for witnesses during the international recovery mission. But as the investigation team now has a clearer picture of the possible causes of the crash, the Public Prosecutor finds it a logical step to make a second, more specific appeal.

Earlier this month a forensic investigation by RTL Nieuws claimed to have found the first clear evidence that flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian BUK missile.