Multicultural police force needed: police chief

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Police chief Gerard Bouman wants 25 percent of the new police officers hired to be from a multicultural background. "It is not an aim, it's a must." the chief of the National Police said in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, yesterday, NU reports.

Bouman thinks that it is essential to have a police force that reflects Dutch society. His biggest fear is to have a situation like Ferguson - the American city where a white police force is facing a diverse population. According to him, the police have been trying for decades to get more diversity within the organization, but without success.

The Tweede Kamer is asking the leaders of justice and the investigation and security services whether their services can handle the tasks associated with the rise of jihadism. The government has allocated extra money for this task, which will run up to 129 million euro per year in 2020.