"iPad school" effectiveness investigated

The Educational Innovation Group (OIG) and the Open University's Welten Institute launched an independent investigation into the impact of so-called iPad schools, also known as Steve Jobs schools. The concept behind iPad schools is to provide education for the new era and this is the first investigation that will concentrate solely on facts, the group said.

The concept has divided opinions throughout its existence and many notions have been challenged for not being based on facts. However, there are 22 iPad schools already established in the Netherlands that attract a great deal of interest internationally, the researchers said.

The first phase of the study defines the concept of education for the new era means, the goals of the alternate education method and what kind of negative criticism can be expected. The hypothetical qualities researchers hope to witness in the first part of the study include motivation, self confidence and 21st century skills. The research will investigate wether these achievements actually occur as a result of the first phase.

The Ministry of Education is subsidizing the study. The first results of the research can be expected approximately after a year.