Solar eclipse: break in fog, clouds possible for some

Solar Eclipse (Picture: Twitter/@Deal_Town)Solar Eclipse (Picture: Twitter/@Deal_Town)

The fog and cloud cover may break enough in some areas of the Netherlands to make this morning's solar eclipse visible. The eclipse will start at 09:30 a.m and reach its' peak at 10:37 a.m. The eclipse will be over by 11:48 a.m.

Weerplaza expects that Drenthe and the strip across Overijssel, Gelderland Utrecht to Zuid-Holland and Zeeland will have the best chance to see the eclipse. The clouds will not dissipate  completely to allow sunny skies, but may break enough for the eclipse to be visible.

The northwest of the country currently has low cloud cover. Noord-Holland, Friesland and the Wadden islands will have little chance to get a good view of the eclipse. Limburg, the eastern part of Noord-Brabant, as well as Achterhoek and Twente are dealing with dense fog and low cloud cover today. These places will likely not be able to see the eclipse.

If you are able to view the eclipse, remember to do so safely. Do not look directly at the sun, this could do a lot of damage to your eyes. Only look at the eclipse through eclipse glasses, certain welder's goggles or a pinhole camera. Another way to look at the eclipse is by projecting the light through binoculars or a telescope on a sheet of paper.