New witness set to testify against Holleeder in assassination cases

There is a new witness who claims that Willem Holleeder, best known as one of the Heineken-kidnappers, is involved with assassinations in the underworld, the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam said in an interview with EenVandaag.

According to the witness, 40 year old Hidr K., a number of assassinations were committed under the direction of three criminal bosses, who worked closely with each other. These bosses are Willem Holleeder, Dino S. and Stanley Hills, who was assassinated in 2012. K.'s testimony has been added to the police investigation into the involvement of Holleeder in the criminal environment - the so-called Vandros file.

Hidr K. is a Turkish drug dealer with connections to the underworld. He did some work for a criminal gang who committed assassinations in exchange for large sums. His testimony about the partnership between Holleeder, Dino S. and Stanley hills corresponds with testimonies from assassination victims Thomas van der Bijl and Willem Endstra. Key witnesses Peter la Serpe and Fred Ross also stated that the trio got rid of criminal adversaries in a violent manner.

The Public Prosecutor thinks that K. is a reliable witness. "He did not ask us for something in return, he has not asked for a reduced sentence. He did ask for protection and as we find him important in the investigation into Holleeder, we offer him the protection." the Prosecutor told EenVandaag.

Holleeder stands accused in several cases of assassination. He will appear in court next Wednesday for a so called pro forma session, in which he will be prosecuted for the murders of Thomas van der Bijl in 2006 and Kees Houtman in 2005. So far Holleeder has invoked his right to remain silent during police questioning.

Justice also suspects Holleeder of being the order giver for other assassinations, such as that of Cor van Hout in 2003 and Willem Endstra in 2004, as well as of leading a criminal organization.