Free public transit for failed asylum seekers

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Failed asylum seekers who make use of the Bed, Bath and Bread provision in Amsterdam, will now also be given a free public transport pass, AT5 reports.

This is according to a letter that Mayor Eberhard van der Laan sent the council. Previously the municipality gave these failed asylum seekers a single ticket, but now that will be converted to daily free access to public transport in the city. "When this omission was brought to my attention earlier this week the decision was made to make the GVB-cards to and from the BBB available immediately", Van der Laan wrote in his letter.

The municipality of Amsterdam decided to provide basic provision for failed asylum seekers in the city. The basic provision includes shelter, food and a place to wash. After a lot of haggling and quibbling, the then State Secretary of Security and Justice, Fred Teeven, decided to make extra money available for Bed, Bath and Bread early this year.