Russian BUK missile took out MH17: Dutch forensic researcher

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The first clear evidence of Malaysian Airlines plane Boeing 777, flight MH17 shot down by a Russian BUK missile can be seen in a forensic investigation commissioned by RTL Nieuws claims (follow the link for the RTL images). Correspondent Jeroen Akkermans took a number of fragments for investigation from the crash site last November and shipped the fragments for examination at an independent institute. 

The composition of the metal pieces show that the fragments are made from a low-grade steel alloy consistent with those used in a BUK missile, the researchers state. At least one of the fragments is derived from a warhead, and examination with an electron microscope shows a series of engraved Cyrillic characters as well as the number 2. The second rocket fragment "shows part of a serial number with a broken two and a Cyrillic Ц from the Russian alphabet," the report says. International experts asked to examine the results of the study support its conclusion, including Nicolas De Larrinaga, an expert with London-based defence and security analysts IHS Jane. "Judging from the hourglass shape, we see all the characteristics of the impact of a 9N314 warhead fragment, " De Larrinaga said, referring to the model of warhead used on many Buk 1-2 system missiles. He added that it came from a Buk-9M317, the modern version of a Buk 1-2. German rocket scientists Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker also concur with the report. "Only a Buk missile can take out the aircraft at such a height, in such a short time, and cause so much damage," Schiller said to RTL Nieuws, adding that the trajectory of a Buk missile fits with the available data of the MH17 incident. "It is consistent with the data from the fragments and the rocket trajectory that a Buk brought down MH17," Schmucker told RTL Nieuws. Wednesday, a Ukrainian website leaked photos from a secure holding area of the MH17 wreckage and claimed that one of the images shows a part of BUK-M1-2 missile extracted from the plane.


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