Labour support halved in former stronghold Amsterdam

The PvdA has been dethroned as the largest party in Amsterdam, losing almost half of its support in the city during yesterday's provincial elections. Amsterdam had been a stronghold for the PvdA since World War II, with the party only losing it's on the capital in last year's municipal elections.

In 2011 the PvdA won 28.4 percent of the votes in Amsterdam, but this year only managed to scrape together 15.1 percent. The D66 gained a lot of support during this election, rising from 15.5 percent in 2011 to 20.3 percent, and is now the largest party in the capital.

The VVD, the D66's coalition partner in the Amsterdam City Council, is the third largest party in the city with 13.2 percent of the votes - a decrease of 2.1 percent. The PVV got 7.7 percent of the votes, despite not doing well at all in the municipal elections last year. The Partij voor de Dieren (PvdD) seemed to have gotten their message across to the residents of Amsterdam and increased it's hold in the city from 2.7 percent in 2011 to 6.4 percent today.

Here follows the results for Amsterdam:

Party Vote % 2011 Vote % 2015 Difference
D66 15.5% 20.3% +4.8%
PvdA 28.4% 15.1% -13.3%
VVD 15.3% 13.2% -2.1%
SP 10.4% 12.7% +2.3%
GroenLinks 12.6% 11.9% -0.7%
PVV 8.3% 7.7% -0.6%
PvdD 2.7% 6.4% +3.7%
CDA 3% 3.3% +0.3%
CU-SGP 0.8% 2.1% +1.3%
50Plus 1% 1.9% +0.9%