Are Groningen schools earthquake-proof? City investigation begins

Sieba Jan Bouma school in Groningen (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Fransvannes). (Sieba Jan Bouma school in Groningen (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Fransvannes))

The municipality of Groningen has hired an independent research firm to investigate whether the school buildings in the city are earthquake resistant, alderman Ton Schroor announced yesterday. The investigation is funded by the NAM and results are expected just after summer.

The firm will investigate about 90 schools, which includes all the primary schools, several gymnasiums, schools for special education and secondary schools.  The aim for the investigation is to gain more insight into how earthquake resistant buildings in Groningen are.

According to the municipality's website, the investigation is only a precaution and there is no reason to believe that the school buildings are currently not safe enough.