Military gear stolen in Afghanistan replaced with containers of rocks

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Ten containers of the Ministry of Defense that recently returned from Afghanistan to Volkel Air Base, turned out to not be filled with military equipment, but with stones, Omroep Brabant reports. The marechaussee (military police) confirmed the story.

The containers were sealed in Afghanistan. The containers were transported first on land, then by sea and then again over land, according to a spokesperson for Defense. The storage boxes were still sealed on arrival at the Volkel Airbase. The stones were presumably put in the containers so that no one would notice that they are empty.

Anonymous sources told the newspaper that the containers were supposed to contain tents and F-16 parts. Defense denies that there were F-16 parts in the containers. "It is logistical equipment such as tents and tent poles. There were no weapons of F-16 parts."

The marechaussee investigated the matter. It is still unknown how and when the theft could have happened or how big the damage is.