Rotterdam should ban old diesels from entering city: D66

The D66 wants to ban all diesel vehicles that are older than 8 years from the whole of Rotterdam, starting in a year and a half, De Gelderlander reports.

According to the party, the current plan to to ban these cars, that were built before 2006, from the city center and other parts of the city is not going far enough. The D66 also thinks that there should be a transition scheme for people with lower incomes or entrepreneurs, so that they won't end up in financial trouble because they have to buy a new car.

"In the Netherlands Rotterdam is at the top in the area of filthy skies. The dioxin concentration of nitrogen and particulate matter is much higher than in other cities", said D66 Councillor Samuel Schampers. The ban would counter a large part of the pollution. Schampers will ask the Rotterdam College of Mayor and Aldermen to speed up the ban. "We have to calculate how big the problem of pollution in Rotterdam is. Then the ban can be implemented. I suspect it should work within 1.5 years."