Armed masked men attack three UberPOP drivers

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A group of masked men armed with hammers and brass knuckles recently attacked UberPop drivers in Amsterdam, AT5 reports. At least two of the UberPop drivers have filed charges against the group. The attacks occurred last week Tuesday.

An UberPop driver was surrounded and forced to stop on the A10. The driver stated that a car with a TCA (Taxi Centrale Amsterdam) skylight was involved. Several masked men got out of several taxis, punctured his tires and threw liquid on the engine of the UberPop driver's car. One of the men restrained the driver by threatening him with brass knuckles.

Later that night a second UberPop driver were attacked by people wearing clown masks and balaclavas. The attackers threatened the driver with a hammer and told him that there will be retaliation if he continues to drive for Uber. In a third incident several taxis chased an UberPop driver. Two taxi drivers were arrested in this incident.

This is not the first time that UberPop drivers have been the target of attack for angry taxi drivers. Last month there were of taxi drivers running UberPop drivers off the road.

Niek van Leeuwen, director of Uber Nederland, is shocked by these incidents. "This is a small group of extremely violent drivers trying to stop innovation. It is important that politicians speak out against violence and for innovation", he told the newspaper.