1994 wrongful murder convictions claim examined

Oma Mok
T. "Oma" Mok Cheung, murdered in 1993T. "Oma" Mok Cheung, murdered in 1993

Almost 21 years after being convicted for the murder of T. "Oma" Mok Cheung, the members of the so-called "Breda Six" will face a new trial in the court of The Hague. The re-examination is a result of the review process ordered by the Supreme Court in 2012, writes newswire ANP.

New information available to authorities strongly suggests that the group, including Jane H., Karin N., Jenny L., Abedeslam T., Achmed B. and Anil L., could have been wrongly convicted in 1994 for the murder of the 56-year-old Chinese woman. A new insight into the case was given by two witnesses who were near the crime scene in 1993 at the time of the murder.

The statements made by the witnesses seem to contradict confessions given by three female subjects. At least one of the women said she confessed just to put an end to the interrogation, always maintaining her innocence after the fact.

There were also two traces of blood found in the restaurant where the murder was committed. Those seem to belong to an Asian man, and not to any of the suspects.

In the 1994 trial, the female suspects were sentenced to two years for complicity in the robbery. The men were given ten-year prison terms for homicide. On Tuesday and Wednesday, they will be interviewed by the judges of the court.