Oldest Dutch cinema shuts its doors

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Camera Studio, the oldest cinema in the Netherlands, is closing its doors after 105 years. The cinema has been sold to the Belgian company Kinepolis, NOS reports. According to the manager, the cinema, which only has two rooms, is "no longer of this time".

Camera Studio is located on Oudegracht in the center of Utrecht. The cinema began as cinema Flora at a time when silent movies were still a rare occurrence. At that time the program consisted of a collection of short films with a "narrator" explaining what was going on, accompanied by the musical "Flora-trio". "The funny thing was that not the actor, but the narrator was seen as a movie star at that time", film historian Herman de Wit told the newspaper.

Raymond van Os, who has been the manager of Camera Studio for several months, admits that his cinema no longer meets modern requirements. "Technically seen the move theater is old and you can not provide the optimum viewing pleasure." He told NOS. "But in a year and a half we will open the new cinema and then we can provide everyone with the largest rooms,  best picture and the best sound."