Solar Team Twente unveils new car, crowdfunding campaign

Solar Team Twente and their new asymmetrical design (Picture: Team Twente and their new asymmetrical design (Picture:

Solar Team Twente presented the new design for their solar car during the event Bring Design To Life at the DesignLab yesterday afternoon. According to the team, the new, asymmetrical design will help them accomplish their dream of winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The asymmetrical design is a completely new approach compared to their previous editions and had major implications for the other aspects of the car, including mechanics, structural design and electronics, but the team thinks it will be worth it. The car will be able to absorb more solar energy now that the driver will sit on the right side of the car. "In the previous RED Engine the driver sat in the middle of the car. This lead to shadow falling on the solar panels several times in the day." Stan Kaal, student in applied physics and test leader, explained. "In this design there is one shadow moment."

The team also launched a crowdfunding campaign on the platform of the university fund. Their goal is to collect 10 thousand euros in five months. "We have a lot of partners, but we tink this is a good opportunity for all of Twente and basically anyone who wants to help us", Justine Wolters said. She thinks that this form of funding suits the team's slogan -  "Powered by human energy". The project can be viewed here.

On October 18th the team will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge - the race for cars that run on solar energy. Solar Team Twente will compete in the Challenger Class, the Formula 1 class for solar cars.


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