Police prevent Ajax revenge attack on Feyenoord

Ajax Clubhouse (Picture: Twitter/@Cantonamanc). (Ajax Clubhouse ruined by fire (Picture: Twitter/@Cantonamanc))

Ajax hooligans tried to take revenge on Feyenoord supporters for the , but were stopped by the police, RTV Noord Holland reports. The retaliation was planned for the mach between Heracles and Feyenoord on February 14th.

A large group of armed Ajax supporters planned to travel to Almelo the night before the match. The police managed to disrupt the action, arresting a 35 year old Amsterdam man. The police found an electroshock weapon in his car. The man was released again after the match. No one  else was arrested.

The Ajax supporters home late in January. The police concluded that the fire was . It is still unclear who was responsible. The police are considering two main scenarios - the arson was committed by Feyenoord supporters, or the arson was committed by Ajax supporters. Ajax supporters have been on the other side of the arena for years. The police are also not ruling out that the fire may have been started by supporters of another team.

Shortly after the fire the police released of the arsonists. No one has been arrested yet.