Police provided to stop train worker abuse

NS Sprinter (Picture: Twitter/@sanderknura). (NS Sprinter (Picture: Twitter/@sanderknura))

There will be a permanent police presence on the 20 major railway stations in the Netherlands. This is one of the measures agreed upon to ensure the safety of railway employees that NS, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld (Infrastructure and Environment) and Minister Stef Blok (standing in at Security and Justice) decided on in their meeting last night.

The meeting was arranged following some very aggressive assaults on train conductors and NS employees these last few weeks.

Other measures include that the public transport chip gates will close quicker, additional cameras on small and medium sized stations and additional support with qualified staff on trains at risky times. State Secretary Mansveld will inform the Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) about these measures today.

"This (these measures, ed) should restore the trust for NS colleagues, travelers and send a clear signal to trouble makers that this will never be accepted." NS states on its website.