Hague politicians want "Homeland" in Netherlands

D66 councilors Robert van Asten and Birgul Ozmen want the series Homeland to be filmed in The Hague, Den Haag FM reports.

Amsterdam is currently in negotiations about a Netflix production and Homeland in the city. "But wouldn't a series with oppression of international aw as a guiding motif fit much better in the International City of Peace and Justice?" Ozmen said.

The two councilors want aldermen Karsten Klein (City Marketing) and Joris Wijsmuller (Culture) to be more committed to turning The Hague into the Film City of the Netherlands. "The Hague is on the map as International city of Peace and Justice: this must be suitable for international film productions." Van Asten said. "I want the college to show more ambition so that we can proudly hold the title Film City of the Netherlands in The Hague." The last international movies filmed in The Hague was Mind Hunter and Oceans Twelve.

The D66 also wants alderman Joris Wijsmuller to enter a discussion with young filmmakers and the industry to find out how The Hague can be made even more attractive as a filming location.