Abused lion ventures outside in Noord Holland

Omar in his new home (Picture: Facebook/Stichting Leeuw)Omar in his new home (Picture: Facebook/Stichting Leeuw)

The abused lion Omar was allowed to explore his new home in Anna Paulowna in Noord-Holland for the first time on Tuesday. Omar was rescued by Stichting Leeuw early this month and brought to the Netherlands from Slovakia, where he lived under very miserable conditions. 

Omar was born in a circus. When he was a cub he was purchased by an individual who thought it was a good idea to have a lion as a pet. His previous owner fled the country for unknown reasons and left Omar behind. The lion was then put on sale on the internet. A group of animal lovers came across the advertisement and notified Stichting Leeuw.

Now Omar can start a new life. His new home is clearly unfamiliar and makes him a little uneasy, but Stichtin Leeuw is sure that he will adapt in no time.