Univ. Amsterdam gives 10-point proposal to protesters

Students occupying the Maagdenhuis at the University of Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@ruudfiere)Students occupying the Maagdenhuis at the University of Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@ruudfiere)

The University of Amsterdam Executive Board today sent a letter to the protesting students and lecturers in the Maagdenhuis containing 10 proposals with which they hope to meet the protesters' demands, NU reports.

In the letter the Executive Board states that the UvA is willing to organize more internal democracy and participation, to provide full financial disclosure, to enhance the quality of research and education and to intensify the relationship between them. The Maagdenhuis will be turned into a place for discussion and debate. Temporary contracts will be dealt with and a proposal will be made for a new University library to the entire academic community.

The Executive Board writes that these plans are only principles and must be expanded. A spokesperson told the newspaper that this letter does not mean that the students have to leave the Maagdenhuis immediately. "We do hope that the atmosphere of protest and removal will slowly decrease."