Wolf threatening sheep in Drenthe

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The first free wolf in the Netherlands in about 150 years spent the weekend chasing sheep in Drenthe.

Robert Vlieghuis (41) had to rescue his father in-law's sheep from the wolf this weekend, AD reports. Vlieghuis went to check if the sheep were safe. A man with a dog told him that he saw the wolf in his father in-law's meadow. "I looked and he was right. He was already busy hunting. Chasing the sheep. I waved and called. I did everything. Followed the animal constantly and ensured that he could not get to the sheep. I've never seen such a big and dangerous beast. I clearly saw those big yellow eyes." Vlieghuis told the newspaper.

"At one point I managed to get very close. He was not afraid. He walked around me, constantly trying to get back to the flock. I chased the beast for a quarter of an hour. He looked at me constantly to see if I would go away. More and more people arrived and at some point it became too busy for him, I think."  The sheep has been moved to another piece of land.

Despite this adventure, Vlieghuis does not want the wolf to be harmed. "I am an animal lover, so I am definitely not for killing it. But I can imagine that a farmer would think otherwise. An intermediate solution must be found so that the animals are safe and the wolf has its own place."