Over 17,000 complain to NS at end of 2014

Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)

The NS and travelers organization Rover received a record number of 17 thousand complaints about crowded trains between September and December last year.

In September it became possible for travelers to report crowded trains from their mobile phones on the NS planner and Rover's reporting point Volle Treinen (Full Trains). Complaints started raining in almost immediately, AD reports. In September and October the complaints almost tripled compared to 2013 - from 3,600 to more than 10 thousand complaints.

The busiest trains in order are:

  1. The 08:13 and 08:43 Sprinter from Uitgeest to Amsterdam with 712 complaints
  2. The 08:08 Intercity between Hilversum and Amsterdam with 264 complaints
  3. The 17:34 Sprinter Between Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena and Woerden with 198 complaints
  4. The 07:18 and 07:48 Intercity from Nijmegen to Den Bosch with 162 complaints